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      We spend a small fortune with Google in order to advertise our products.  We would much rather give you our advertising money rather than one of the largest companies in the world.

      If you have blog, youtube channel, facebook page or a just a great network or friends or family, you can earn 10% commission on sales and the people you recommend get a 5% discount off too.

      We have a simple process -

      After your sign up, you will get a unique referral link that you can paste onto any blog, youtube channel etc.  Any UK sales that are generated using this referral link will earn you 10% of the sale. 

      Furthermore, you also get a customisable Discount Code that you can give to anyone.  If they order using this discount code, they receive a 5% discount off their total order.

      We would much rather pay you than Google!!!

      Start the process now by clicking on the link below:

      (At the moment our affiliate program is only applicable to sales to UK addresses)